Inspiring Excellence

Few people have the talent to improve on their own. Great athletes watch game film to note the nuances of change necessary to take their elite talents to the next level. Executive coaching provide that ‘game-film’ insight and outside perspective that great growth requires. Is it time for you to take your performance to the next level?

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Areas of Coaching

Whether you’re newly appointed to an executive position or a seasoned leader in your organization, The Coaching Group provides you with superb resources, insight, and solutions that can be called on as the situation might require. How can we help today?

Connect with your people

Leaders connect with, and inspire people. Through a process
that refines Emotional Intelligence, you can do just that.

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Leaders never stop learning.

If you are not learning, you cannot lead. Leaders who actively learn are the most effective leaders. With this in mind, Karl shares his expertise and knowledge to his network of executive leaders through weekly leadership writings in addition to multiple reading suggestions during the course of the coaching.

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