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Excellent and inspiring leadership rarely comes naturally. It is a lifelong pursuit that has to be intentional and focused. The pursuit becomes even more effective when working with someone who can be a confidential sounding board, a trusted advisor, an impartial set of eyes on a situation. The Coaching Group has provided that for hundreds of executives, physicians, and healthcare professionals.

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Executive Coaching

You are leading through some of the biggest changes in healthcare history. Change requires you to acquire and lead new thinking and behaviors! What will your changes be? Your ability to lead will be tested in this new arena. How will you be ready for that challenge?

Physician Coaching

Many physicians do not consider themselves leaders, since they have no direct reports or other leadership responsibilities. However, anytime the white coat or the scrubs go on, you are considered a leader. Your thinking and behavior have to be up to the standard that people will hold you to. This requires an intentional leadership learning pathway, something The Coaching Group is uniquely qualified, through years of healthcare experience, to assist you with.

Advanced Practice
Practitioners Coaching

Advanced Practice Practitioners Coaching - APPs are gaining more and more traction within the healthcare field. Leadership demands will be increasingly intense. Take charge of this amazing opportunity of change within healthcare!

Thinking Change

The feedback arrives. Not what you wanted to hear. To get to the next level, you will have to change your thinking and behavior. A tough process! How to proceed? Consider the feedback and context, what are the measures? How will you measure the changes? How will you establish new habits? How to replace old habits? This will be hard work...and some of the most important you will do.


Struggling with public speaking? Afraid of the crowd? Leaders that speak well influence change! Using deliberate practice, exhaustive roleplay, and instant feedback you will become the type of speaker that you want, and need, to be!

Through Change

Change means something is different. ‘Different’ scares the brain. Scared brains don´t like change. A tough challenge? Every single time! How to proceed?


All we do is centered on delivering more than promised, with the highest of ethics.


Never settling for anything less than the best effort...ever.


Being in the forefront of leadership, providing the example, walking the talk.

Leaders never stop learning.

If you are not learning, you cannot lead. Leaders who actively learn are the most effective leaders. With this in mind, Karl shares his expertise and knowledge to his network of executive leaders through weekly leadership writings in addition to multiple reading suggestions during the course of the coaching.

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