Thoughts on leadership

Produced twice per week by The Coaching Group, these short reads on leadership provide real time perspectives on current leadership challenges and provide key questions to ask to assist you in addressing similar challenges within your worksite.

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It is so easy right now to just focus on getting through the daily barrage of new restrictions, sobering predictions, and sobering statistics. That is what most people are focusing on.

Each of you work with competent, reliable, many times outstanding individuals. Yet, in some situations, it seems as though the message isn't getting through. You were eloquent in your delivery, you answered their questions, and yet the buy-in isn't there.

As leaders, the more you can promote the approach of "We may not like what is happening to us, but we can choose what's happening inside of us", the more your people will have the opportunity to thrive in adversity.

Your people are looking to you for calm and awareness. You can't get away from that. However, you can get away from panic thinking.

"Leaders are often the first to arrive on the scene and when they do, they always have two buckets in their hands. One contains water and the other contains gasoline. The spark they encounter will either become a raging fire because they pour gasoline on it or it can be extinguished because they pour water on it. I want to train them to use the water, not the gasoline."

Why would I have a coach? Precisely for the reason that I have done coaching or consulting. Especially in the current challenging environment in which we live. I think more clearly when I have someone asking me probing questions and helping me see perspectives more accurately.

"You can't manage yourself out of a crisis. You can only lead your way out of one. And you always have to do what is best for your people ."

Get up. Get out. Talk. Connect. Listen. Empathize. Inspire…and repeat. Let those that support you focus on the details of the day-to-day business. Only you can lead from the top level in regards to the human element. This you cannot delegate. What you do over the next few weeks and months will have a significant impact on what will occur when this current crisis passes.

She said nothing fancy or profound. The eloquence is in the simplicity and how she touched common themes with caring and directness. Truly a model to follow.

Albert Einstein is credited with this quote: “many of the things you can count, do not count. Many of the things you cannot count, really do count.”