Incredibly kind soul

“Karl has the ability to be blunt, but not threatening. He is able to provide incredible perspective due to his vast experience within healthcare. The Narrative style of teaching he employs is high effective in helping us see that we are not the only ones struggling with certain barriers. Karl understands the underlying behaviors that may cause those of us in a leadership role to act in a way that may not achieve the best outcomes from our team, and is able to offer proven models for mitigating these behaviors. Karl is just an incredibly kind soul who has a laser focus on helping his clients use their strengths to be the best leader they are able. I really cannot recommend Karl highly enough.”

– Regional Medical Director

Inspiring spirit

“Karl came to understand me, my commitment to Care Management, and the teams who work in care management, because the work will help our patients have healthier lives and save the organization money. He saw my strengths. So much of the time managers/ directors give feedback that has the impact of demotivating employees, instead of inspiring to better performance and higher productivity. He coached with an inspiring spirit.”

– System director of Care Management

Fair and objective

“Karl is fair and objective. His 360 surveys demonstrated a commitment to fully understanding our workplace and providing meaningful objectives. Karl does not merely drill down to areas of weakness. He is quick to share observed qualities and strengths; making certain that I leverage the things I am good at to develop my skills in other areas.”

– Director – Regional Imaging Center

Improving clinic leadership

“I absolutely loved working with Karl. He is an extremely capable coach and genuine person. I miss checking in with him and wish I had more time. He left me in a very good place, but it was always great to be able to pick Karl’s brain about situations before I responded.”


Leadership and career challenges

“He has been an excellent ongoing resource for my career development and we have developed a very valuable relationship”

-CE Outreach, Medical Dir. Orthopedics, Rehab and Ambulatory Services

Valuable Partner

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing your fabulous coaching skills to our organization and more specifically for intervening in this situation in our department. We are very fortunate to have you as a valuable resource and partner.”

-HR Director, Healthcare Organization

Transformational Coaching

“Working with Karl has been such a transformative experience. He has come to know my nature, my character, my strengths and weaknesses, my hopes and my desires in such a way that our conversations are always focused on him asking just the right questions to force me to think in ways I have not considered before. I have seen myself in new ways that allow for growth past my own preconceived notions of myself and my limitations. I would absolutely recommend Karl to anyone I know!”

-Director of Field Development

Significant Career Change

“Karl helped me get perspective and allowed me to see that I was an outstanding leader, with lots of talent. Karl was Incredibly thoughtful, engaged in my best outcomes and growth. It was an honor to work with Karl!”

-Executive Director

Key changes in large organization

“Karl is earnest and thoughtful. His insight and counsel was very valuable as the organization went through several significant leadership changes.”

-Regional Director of Children’s Services

Career advancement

“Karl is an excellent coach. Not only is he extremely well versed in business and psychology literature (old & new), but he also is able to provide clients with tools for them to apply at the right moment. It’s not only his knowledge from 20-30 years of clinical, consulting and coaching work but his experience that makes him stand out as such an excellent professional. Karl has been my coach for 9 years and all the results I have been able to obtain personally and professionally have been thanks to the insights, guidance and coaching I received directly from Karl. I highly recommend Karl Pister to any person or company seeking to obtain high performance results without compromising quality.”

-Sustainability Program Manager

Improved ability to communicate and lead

“He has clear insights into the issues of conflict, and helps you understand how to change effectively with results. He has helped me acquire tools that has made me a better communicator and leader.”


Improving leadership and clinic effectiveness

“He is very nice and an effective teacher and coach. Best of all he has become a trusted friend with whom I can share a lot and receive great advice”


Staff engagement significantly increased.

“Insightful, engaging, encouraging. When I started working with Karl I thought my career was over. I am now interviewing for a director role.”

-Nurse Manager

Managing corporate transition

“Karl was enjoyable as well as helpful getting me to prioritize my values as well as my time.”

-Senior Vice President

Employee Satisfaction Scores

“Just wanted to let you know about my Employee Satisfaction Scores…..We knocked it out of the park!! Maybe not the best in the hospital, but the improvement from previous years is notable. And has been noticed by those on the second floor!! Definitely a team effort from me and the ANM’s, but YEA for us!! Of course I am giving you lots of credit due to our work together.Thanks so much!!”

-Nursing Supervisor

Beginning entrepreneur

“Brilliant experience. Karl is caring, engaged and thoughtful.”

-Head of Design Engineering and Store Planning

Clarifying department direction

“Karl is very encouraging and helpful as a coach. He has practical ideas to improve management performance.”

-Manager of Emergency Department Social Workers

Nurse manager coaching

“Karl is very insightful. He is able to give examples through stories to assist with learning. Karl has helped me tremendously.”

-Nurse Manager

Learning the skills of leadership

“I enjoyed working with Karl very much. I feel like I have made progress and gained insight about my work style and how to be a more effective leader.”


Dealing with organizational politics

“Karl is very well-read, has a down to earth approach, and is easy to work with. He listens very intently and takes notes during our visits. He then sends an email summarizing our meeting, also synthesizing additional strategies and sending links to other resources. Karl takes the moral high ground. I can rely on him to be honest and ethical. He is 100% trustworthy. I can recommended Karl as a coach without reservation.”

-Physician Leader

Improving department engagement

“Working with Karl has increased my sense of self-responsibility and ownership of my performance. By doing so, I have increased my awareness of the factors which determine my performance. Karl continues to pass on interesting articles and information that supports, encourages and benefits my growth and understanding.”

-Diagnostic Imaging Director

Navigating challenging parameters upon returning to the worksite

“Karl has been and continues to be a fantastic asset to have on my team. He is responsible for my present job and is helping me navigate difficult work personalities. He is an invaluable sounding board of common sense and ethics. He has helped me stay grounded during a very stressful time of getting my feet back under me after being out of work so long and working for a very difficult personality. He is very prompt in his replies, even on weekends, going above and beyond to accommodate my very difficult schedule. He has put me in contact with resources in my area who can help me sort out problems locally. Outside of my family and friends, he is a trusted “go to” guy to help me problem solve work issues.”


Adjusting a management style

“I still use the methods he taught me and I have been able to coach and mentor others who report to me who have issues with their leadership styles. I still speak fondly of him to this day.”


Transition to Senior VP position

“Karl helped me tremendously during a very difficult time in my life and career. I deeply valued the time we spent together. He helped shape my perspective and guided me to higher and more effective thinking.”

-Vice President of Marketing

Small business transition concerns

“Karl provided the right balance of coaching, planning, goal setting, and follow up. He helped me personally in many ways and I would recommend him to any business at any time. He has been a great resource of information and has great confidence in the service that he provides.”


Becoming an accomplished nurse manager

“Karl is perceptive, wise, compassionate, and honest all at the same time. I really appreciate the ways he has helped me to be a better manager.”

-Nurse Manager

Outstanding service

“Karl provides an outstanding service to our clients. His methodology is grounded in practical concepts, he articulates issues in ways clients can appreciate without feeling threatened, and his skill in motivating clients to change is unmatched.”

-Program coordinator – Physician Health Plan

Less stress and increased effectiveness and happiness

“I have seen how much meeting with you has led to less stress and increased effectiveness and happiness. Many times people are hesitant to take an hour out of their day because they are so busy, but I have seen how meeting with you increases their engagement, focus, and abilities to get more done with the rest of their time.”

-Chief Executive Officer

Improving physician-nurse communication and worksite effectiveness

“Karl is experienced, insightful, and a pleasure to work with. He provides clear and direct suggestions and feedback. He connects with various stakeholders in a manner appropriate to each. I recommend Karl without reservation for anyone in need of workplace coaching.”


Improving communication at multiple levels

“A very enlightening, enjoyable experience working with Karl. He is sincere and respectful. His focus on problem resolution strategies promotes an attainable outcome.”


Learning leadership

“Karl encourages me during times when I’m not feeling very supported, and so part of our meetings I think are a bit of counseling as well as coaching. Without this encouragement, I honestly probably would have given up. There are a lot of politics and personalities, but I think with continued coaching on how to work in this environment, I could accomplish my vision for this group so that, ultimately, we can serve our patients better. I have never envisioned myself as a leader before Karl and I started working together. I am even currently working on leading a meetup group for professional women in the Portland area!”

-Medical Doctor – Hospitalist

Improving speaking ability

“Very willing to work on more problems should they arise.”

-Chief Medical Officer

Leading in a clinic environment

“Easy to interact with. Helps me see the situation I may be dealing with from another perspective, & gives recommendations on how to tactfully & constructively solve them. I consider him part of my team in providing services that ultimately improve patient care & quality.”


Complex Relationship Issues

“We’ve have great success with bringing Karl Pister in to deal with complex relationship issues with members of leadership. We’ve found not all outside coaches are alike. Karl has demonstrated that he has the experience and mentoring skills that results in positive outcomes.”

-Healthcare HR Specialist

Appreciate your support

“I enjoyed working with you and appreciate the support you gave to our team. All seems to be working very well with the team we have and I credit your work on that here.”

-Hospital CEO

Developing his presentation skills

“Karl played an important role in tutoring one of our directors in developing his presentation skills.”

-Healthcare HR Specialist

Helped me understand the motivations of my colleagues

“I feel that you were very helpful in helping me to understand the political layout in my department better. That alone helped to decrease my anxiety about the uncertainties I was facing. You helped me to understand the motivations of my colleagues and pointed me in constructive directions for engaging those motivations.”

-Department Chairman

Life through a different prism

“Karl’s counsel helped give me the tools necessary to disengage in a guilt free way from those actions which burdened me emotionally and to concentrate on looking at life through a different prism.”

-Corporate director

Demonstrate growth

“I thought the 360 work, your interviewing of individuals who I considered key stakeholders in my development, was very important and concrete. It provided me with direction and with your coaching I was able to demonstrate growth. The frequency of interactions with you as my coach was spot on as well as your responsiveness for just-in-time coaching.”

-Chief Executive Office

Develop effective strategies that promote success

“You have worked as a partner with our clinic and individual physicians to help us/them to gain insight into issues and to help develop effective strategies that promote success. Too often physicians don’t think about how their message will be perceived. I think you have helped us to learn to frame or reframe issues in a way that leads to the desired effect.”

-Chief Medical Officer

You taught this old dog new tricks!!

“It has been truly a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance. I would say you have accomplished something I thought impossible before we started. You taught this old dog new tricks!! I have learned much about myself and my blind spots and the approaches to correcting my frustration and approaches in providing patient care. Furthermore, I do think I see the value in bridge building even though it is time consuming. I will definitely keep working on what we started. Thank you so much.”


 Helping people grow

“The ability you have to connect with many different people and to relate to them based on their personality is excellent. You are then able to teach through stories and analogies that make sense to the individual and help them understand why they need to change. You not only help them understand why they need to change, but also teach how to do it. This is so critical to helping people grow. I know you care about the people you work with, but also help them in a way that supports the goals and direction of the company. I trust that when someone goes to you they will leave feeling better about themselves and who they can be.”

-Chief Executive Officer

Real Progress

“The first decision (and difficult one at that!) that this group has made since I’ve been here, I believe. REAL PROGRESS. I’m very pleased. I am so grateful for your guidance through this. Again and again, Thank you.”

-Hospitalist leading a group project

Improving speaker skills

“I feel that you bring good experience and knowledge on improving speaker skills. You take your time to understand the speaker and focus well on goals to improve the delivery of a good speech. I found our time very useful and it allowed me to present a very successful presentation.”

-Chief Executive Officer