A Leader’s Response to Covid-19

The following are all posts relating to the Covid-19 crisis:

A Test

Those of you that have worked closely with me know that one of my favorite leadership maxims comes from the business leadership genius Tom Peters. It goes as follows: 1. Find good people   2. Hire them   3. Find out what they need   4. Get it for them   5. Get out


The prolific author on leadership, John Maxwell, once said: “Many of my great ideas come from other people”. Following in that thread of thought, we again start our writing this week with two quotes: The first, from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – The learn-it-all does


Kicking off today with two quotes: The first, from one of the best books I have read recently, Principles, by Ray Dalio: “I believe we are much better off preparing to deal with a it ( a difficult situation) than wishing it weren’t true” And the second, from the tagl


To start with three quotes. Two are very similar and and the other links in closely: Men cannot really long rest content with mediocrity once they see excellence is within their reach. Remember that once you have experienced excellence, you will never again be content with mediocrity.


The backstory: I was speaking with a 20 year old young woman the other day who is currently residing in Spain. A brilliant, creative mind! She is, as many who are foreigners working in another country, trying to master the native tongue. In this case the beautiful language of Spanish.

TOB Part Two:

This is part two of the trauma response leadership writing that we started on Tuesday. As you remember from that writing, we are discussing, from a leadership point of view, how the human biology works and how understanding it can set the foundation for the great strategy and leadersh

TOB Part One:

This is an in-depth topic today, so I am breaking it into two parts, today and Friday…. I took a class last week on trauma psychology. It is a theme that has kept me interested for decades and this was a great refresher course on how powerful the brain is in protecting us from t


One of my clients once asked me “Karl, can you ever make a point without telling a story”? Nope…or I sure try not to. Why? Three things come to mind… The Native American proverb that states: “Those who tell stories rule the world” Plato’s comm

Small Acts

A brief backstory…. About twenty-one years ago, I decided that, for a Christmas gift for my wife, I would carve her a nativity set. Now, it is important to note that my artistic ability has never been a stellar part of my repertoire of personal skills. Not sure what possessed me