A Leader’s Response to Covid-19

The following are all posts relating to the Covid-19 crisis:


A turning point of my life was my introduction into the Hispanic culture. When I was nineteen years old, I spent two years in Venezuela. Amazing experience. Upon return, I studied Spanish as my major. I have had the marvelous opportunity to do translating and interpreting in a variety

Calm – again

This week I have spoken to thirteen clients. Seven at the senior/C-suite level, two physicians, and six surgeons. A common theme, especially at the senior level, is a pervasive concern on the impact of the current Covid surge on the morale of their staff, especially due to the anxiety


I was speaking to one of the surgeons I work with and we were discussing a concern regarding professionalism. The conversation intrigued me, since it is a favorite theme of mine. I believe that professionalism does not allow for thinking of self above others. No room for that. In my v


I read a quote this week from the 19th century American philosopher and historian, Henry Brooks Adams. Adams was the grandson of John Quincy Adams and great-grandson to John Adams, the sixth and second presidents, respectively, of the United States. The quote: “A teacher affects etern


I suppose that if there were recovery groups established for Type A – controlling individuals I might, at some point in my life, have been required to attend. Now I don’t throw fits when I don’t get my way. However, I think, study, and read quite a bit and usually co

I Must

By now you know that two of my favorite comments are: 1. I work with great people 2. And… some of my best thinking comes from others… and this is again the case today. Several years ago I had the opportunity to work with a superb nurse manager who ran a very busy surgical


A couple of years back I needed to lay off running and treadmill exercise to heal a foot problem. I started on the rowing machine at the gym and became a great fan of the rhythm, power, and fitness that comes from that machine. At around the same time, I was doing work up in North Sea


Over the past five years I have had the superb opportunity to associate with the John Maxwell Team, a leadership development organization, led by the one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership. His works are prolific. If my numbers are correct he has published over one


McKinsey & Company have a well deserved reputation for some of the best innovative thinking in industry. I receive regular feeds from them on a variety of topics. Today’s offering was titled “Reimagining higher education in the United States”. However, what grabb