A Leader’s Response to Covid-19

The following are all posts relating to the Covid-19 crisis:


A segue from Tuesday’s writings: Now the connection between my two thought trains here? Instruments are used in aviation and maritime operations when things go dark and dangerous. Values are the decision ‘instruments’ that are used in leadership, or should be, when t


While still in the early stages normalcy with masking, social distancing and good hand hygiene, it is great to be getting back on the plane and back to meeting with people in person as society adjusts to the next stages of the pandemic. I am a fortunate traveler in that I still have a


I heard, on a recent podcast, the phrase: two monologues don’t make a dialogue. Doesn’t your mind instantly go to situations that illustrate that? Two people, so badly wanting to make their point, do so with ever increasing volume, seemingly unaware that the more intensely


A bit of backstory… I like to think well of myself. Most people do. And, the research would show that most of us think a bit more highly of ourselves than the world around us. I can send you the citation if you wish. Why are we talking about this? Because I received a gift that


I have an incredible opportunity to work with a group of medical students regarding leadership development. A group of individuals that medicine so badly needs as it moves into the future. Part of our conversation yesterday revolved around the concept of maintaining calm amidst chaos.

Humble Learning

My topic today has it’s genesis in an experience I had last Friday. As I have mentioned multiple times, I work with amazing people. People that inspire and teach me. The physician I was speaking with, a superb surgeon, was talking about ‘humble learning’. When I aske


Another experience from the land of grandchildren…From early in their childhood, it has been a tradition for me to read bedtime stories to the children, ages four and two, during visits. Sometimes six or seven books a night are read as they go to sleep. Wednesday evening we read


It’s quote time again as we start the month of September…. From Calvin Coolidge: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. There is nothing more common than unsuccessful people with talent A successful person is one who puts in 100% physical,


I wrote this just two years ago. It is a fitting, personal summary of the last two writings which addressed elite performance in medical service Thoughts from the other side I know you are busy. And with that said, if you are a medical professional, please take time to read this. It I