A Leader’s Response to Covid-19

The following are all posts relating to the Covid-19 crisis:

Never Again!!….

Words such as these are usually uttered after having experienced something extremely humiliating, embarrassing, or difficult. Last week I heard a very moving story told by a person, who in his early 20s, received the news that his grandmother, with whom he was extremely close, was at

A Reflection

I realize that my messages usually reach your desk on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, on this Memorial Day, I wanted to speak to you. On Sunday morning I viewed an impressive program regarding Memorial Day. It moved me profoundly. Thus, there are some thoughts I wanted to share regardi

Climbing Part Two

You remember where our story was on Tuesday. We were in Yosemite National Park on El Capitan with the renowned climber Tommy Caldwell as he attempted a never-before-climbed route on that beautiful, 3,000 foot, rock face known as The Dawn Wall. We had learned about flow, the “psy


A quick backstory to set the stage for this week’s messages… I grew up in the Owens Valley in California. Truly world-class climbing, hiking, and backpacking. To the west of my home town of Bishop are three major peaks, just under 14,000 feet in altitude. To the north of t


We have spoken extensively over the past two months regarding the imperative you have, as leaders, to be out in front of your people and literally walking with them as they go through these extremely challenging times. Quarantines have changed how you walk with your people. Zoom, Skyp


Before jumping into today’s topic of “YES”, I want to take a moment to acknowledge Nurse’s Day today. The past decade has been a marvelous learning curve for me in regards to health care and many of my best tutors have come from the nursing ranks. I do wish tha


As you read this title, you will probably think that I misspelled ‘mamba’ which is a deadly snake, and also the name that the late basketball great Kobe Bryant adopted to describe his deadly accurate intense game. So why MOMBA? It is an acronym that one of my coaching clie

Slow Down…

I was speaking with a physician leader of a major healthcare organization last week about the importance of ‘slowing down to speed up’ (a phrase coined by author Jim Collins in the book Good to Great) as his organization starts the process of coming out of lockdown status.


This word ‘patience’ is not a word that fits me, or most of my clients, well. I like action. I like results. And while I like a good process, I must confess that many times I focus more on the goal than on the journey. Work in progress on that one. However, consider the li