A Leader’s Response to Covid-19

The following are all posts relating to the Covid-19 crisis:


Happy New Year! Why not start out this year by relating of my favorite experiences of the dynamic impact that enthusiasm delivers? A few years back I had the amazing opportunity to work with a Nurse Manager team that led a 25 room OR function. Several mornings I would arrive early to


Charles Dickens is a favorite author of mine. Certainly his work, A Christmas Carol, ranks among my favorites as it documents how deeply rooted behaviors can be changed as insight is gained. In another novel, Great Expectations, Dickens, speaking through his character Estella, says: S


Last Wednesday my wife shared with me that a young woman, very close to our son and his family in Los Angeles, had passed away from an aggressive form of uterine cancer, leaving behind a grieving husband, reeling from this massive loss, and wondering how he will manage life without hi


2500 years ago Plato stated “all learning has an emotional base”. Not bad for someone who had no neurological research to back him up. Recent research certainly establishes that emotions are a key component of effective learning. And learning and leadership go hand-in-hand


A short, true story…heard just last week. My client gave me permission to share, but I will be vague on the details and location. My surgeon client, a national-class physician with impeccable resume and decades of in-the-trenches highly- delicate surgeries, is a hands-on, ‘


I have the marvelous opportunity to work with some very senior leaders. Persons who have many people working for them and are responsible for a lot of finances, results, strategy, and a myriad of other issues. Most all of them grew into their roles. They are humble people. They consid


Several years ago I worked with a surgeon who truly had been trained in the trenches. His age, war-time experience, and training all lent to a command and control, profanity-laced approach to anything that wasn’t up to his standards. And, in his defense, most of the time when th


Here we go again. Great ideas shared by me that I learned from other people. Yesterday I was speaking with a nurse with decades of experience in ICU and ED departments. Truly a wise person. She is an executive with an extremely successful physician- owned clinic. She was relating a co


I had two great leadership experiences lately that I wanted to share. They weren’t individuals that had hundreds reporting to them, nor was it an earthshaking crisis response. However, both situations personified the personal attention that leaders should engender and exemplify.